November 2019

Lisa chaired a session at the ChemCareers and One-Day Symposium on Young Talent in Chemical Sciences in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry

October 2019

Pratibha got the 2nd prize in poster presentation at RAEEHS, SOA University. Congratulations!

September 2019

Pratibha joins as a Project Assistant. Welcome!

August 2019

Anindita is selected as a JRF in IGCAR. Congratulations!

July 2019

Lisa presented a seminar at the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research

July 2019

Lisa gave a talk at the prestigious 9th Molecular Quantum Mechanics in Heidelberg, Germany [Link]

May 2019

Lisa published a Minireview on C-H activation by Fe(IV)=O in ChemPlusChem [Link]

Anindita joins as a Project Assistant, Saswat as an intern. Welcome!

February 2019

Lisa presented an invited talk at the Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (TCS 2019) [Link]


November 2018

Lisa's postdoctoral work is published in Chemical Science [Link]

Lisa joins ICT IOCB as an Assistant Professor